On November 17, 2023, Precise Metal Production GmbH & Co KG from Zell a. H. celebrated its 10th anniversary (after the restart in 2013). The entire workforce was invited by bus to go karting in Umkirch and then to celebrate together in the Feierling brewery restaurant in Freiburg.

In the end, a total of 31 employees took part and everyone had a lot of fun. In 2023, many company anniversaries were also honored, for 25 years Armin Leopold, for 20 years Carmine Auricchio and for 10 years the two managing directors Christian Wordl and Benjamin Hermann as well as Irmgard Schmid, Gerhard Oehl, Nicole Gertler, Karl-Heinz Spitzer, Margot Klausmann and Josef Borho.

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