GISSLERprecision Honoured Anniversary Employees

Christoph Schmider, Egon Roth and Ursula Schmieder have been employed by the company for 25 years

Zell a. H. (hps). In a company ceremony, GISSLERprecision honoured four long-term employees. Christoph Schmider, Egon Roth and Ursula Schmieder celebrated their 25th employment anniversary. Kristian Gegenfurtner joined the company 10 years ago.

Hubert Gissler, Company Owner, Christian Wordl, Managing Director, and Bertram Gissler, Head of Administration, as well as the Head of Quality Management expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the anniversary employees. The statement "We are glad to have you" was directed to all of the long-term employees. The three employees who can look back on an employment of 25 years were already on board when Gissler still had its location in the rented facilities in Unterharmersbach.

25 years ago to the day, Ursula Schneider joined Gissler as an office assistant and has since then been responsible for the areas of proposal and order handling as well as invoicing. She was praised by Christian Wordl, Managing Director, for mastering all developments from the card record system through computer processing up to the ERP system with success.

Christoph Schmider is a trained agricultural machinery mechanic and, within the company, he qualified as a successful setter for turning equipment. In addition, he was responsible for maintenance and automation for several years.

Egon Roth joined Gissler at the age of 16 after a previous employment at a sawmill.  At Gissler, he upgraded his qualification over the years from a turning machine operator to a mechanical setter with first-off part authorization.

Kristian Gegenfurtner successfully completed his training as a metal-cutting mechanic within the company and upgraded his qualification from a machine operator to a mechanical setter.

Managing Director Wordl presented gifts and an anniversary bonus to all anniversary employees. He referred to the circumstances for the anniversary celebration as favourable. The capacity utilization of the 42 employees of the company is good. The first quarter at GISSLERprecision was according to plan.

Text and photo: Hanspeter Schwendemann