History of Precise Metal Production - precision metal parts

Precise Metal Production GmbH & Co. KG was originally founded on 1st January 1986 by Hubert Gissler in Zell-Unterharmersbach. Very soon, the rented premises were too small and a company-owned production hall with office wing (900m² in total) was constructed in Zell’s industrial zone Steinenfeld. In the following years, a second hall of 580m² was added to the production area.

The company became increasingly known both nationally and internationally as a specialist in metal machining for CNC turning, milling and grinding. Consequently, a third production hall with a total of 1,290m² was built in November 2011, including offices for process planning, quality assurance and production management. The office wing also includes a fully climatised measuring room with vibration-free floor. At the same time the two lathes MORI SEIKI NL2500SY/ 700 and MAZAK QT Smart 350 were added to the machinery.

In early 2014, equipped with the appropriate production and measurement instrumentation, the company entered into gear milling:  external gearing / involute gearing (hobbing, up to module 6) as well as spur gearing / serration.

In late 2014 and early 2015, the machinery was extended by a high-efficiency multi-axis turning centre MORI SEIKI NZX 2000-800SY and MORI SEIKI NZ2000 T2Y, each with two turrets and Y-axis for high precision machining of complex workpieces with maximum productivity.

Effective from 1st October 2015, three company executives became shareholders alongside Hubert Gissler: managing director Christian Wordl (34%), executive producer Karl-Heinz Spitzer (8.5%) and quality manager Armin Leopold (8.5%). This contribution of capital was used entirely to increase the company’s capital stock.

In early 2016, a high precision lathe MORI SEIKI NLX2500SY/ 700 with one turret and Y-axis was added.

In mid 2016, the company entered into laser marking with a fibre laser station GRAVOTECH TF420. We then extended the machinery by two high precision lathes MORI SEIKI NL2500SY/ 700 with one turret and Y-axis.

At the end of 2017, the machinery was extended by a new high precision lathe MORI SEIKI NLX2500SY/ 700 with one turret and Y-axis as well as a high efficiency multi-axis turning centre MORI SEIKI NZ2000 T3Y3 with three turrets and three Y-axes.

In late 2018 and early 2019, a new high precision lathe MORI SEIKI NLX2500SY/ 700 with one turret and Y-axis as well as a MORI SEIKI NL2000/ 500 were added.

On 2nd January 2020, managing partner Christian Wordl also took over the 49% shareholding of the previous main shareholder Hubert Gissler in full and now holds 83% of the company. The remaining 17% continue to be divided equally between the operating partners Armin Leopold as Quality Manager and Karl-Heinz Spitzer as Purchasing Manager.
Hubert Gissler, who has no longer been operationally active in the company since mid of 2013, will continue to be the lessor of the company premises with the three production halls including the office building, for which there is a 20-year rental agreement.

In May 2020 the machinery was extended by a like new Kellenberger cylindrical grinding machine KEL-VISTA UR 175-1000 and the measuring room by a form and position measuring device MITUTOYO Roundtest RA2200AH.

Effective from 18th June 2020, our QA Manager and HR Manager Armin Leopold has additionally taken over the company shares of Karl-Heinz Spitzer in their entirety and thus holds 17% of the company shares.

In August 2020 the machine park was extended by a new EMAG turning center VL 4 with FANUC control and integrated pick-up automation; the VL 4 is a vertical turning machine for the productive production of chucked parts up to 200 mm diameter.

In September 2020 a new multifunctional Tool Management System from GÜHRING for tools and measuring equipment was installed.

In mid November 2020, a new MORI SEIKI NLX1500SY500 high speed lathe with one turret and Y-axis for smaller inside and outside diameters was added, as well as a new MORI SEIKI NTX1000SZM high precision mill-turn center with a 76-fold tool magazine and 12-fold turret.

As of January 2021, our company will legally operate under the name Precise Metal Production GmbH & Co. KG (instead of GISSLERprecision GmbH & Co. KG). In course of this, a change in the shareholder structure has also been made, but there are still three operative managers who are shareholders in the company: Managing Partner Christian Wordl (58%), Production Manager Benjamin Hermann (30%) and QA Manager/HR Manager Armin Leopold (12%). The additional capital contributions were used exclusively to increase the company's capital.

With these continuous investments, the company remains technically up-to-date and sets the course for further challenges in the field of sophisticated precision metal parts.